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I am Korinna, visual designer. My specialties are graphic and product design and illustration.

I design concepts with the aim to market products and services which promote a balanced lifestyle of others and myself. Products and services from both my clients and partners as well as my own.

The clients and partners I work with are orginazations that enhance people’s way of living. Varying from career counselors, sports trainers and relaxation coaches to suppliers of conscious lifestyle and health products.

I translate the unique qualities of my clients and partners into concrete visual identities, (work) books, (online) courses and motivational illustrations. In this way I contribute to the personal development of both themselves and their costumers.

I want to understand the people I work with. I sympathize with them because I value their services and share their interests. As a result, this reflects in my work and do others consider me as a calm and unifying person.

At the same time, whether or not in collaboration, I create products myself, which contribute to the customer's feeling of health, balance and happiness. I design fashion accessories, like face masks, graphical items, like self-help books and illustrations, which I use in products with a relaxing purpose. You can shop my work here.

Feel free to contact me; i am always open to exchange ideas, questions and thoughts.